Oil Rig Explosions And Implications

Working in the oil and gas industry is financially rewarding. The salary is great and the benefits are truly enticing. However, there is an element of risk if you work in this industry. This is particularly true if you work on an oil rig because explosions may occur even under the most stringent safety conditions.

In case you are injured in an oil rig explosion, you can sue your employer for both exemplary and punitive damages. However, the compensation you receive is determined by a number of factors. The first step in the litigation process is to consult a competent personal injury attorney. This expert will ask you questions and your response to these questions will determine the next line of action by your attorney.

First, your lawyer will ask you if the facility has a history of oil rig explosions. If an explosion has occurred in the past, your lawyer will try to find out the cause of the explosion and the action taken by the firm to prevent future occurrences. Your lawyer will also investigate the safety standards at the facility. If the right standards are in place at the facility, the liability of the oil company might be minimal. If the firm compromised on safety, there are grounds for litigation. If an official of the firm is responsible for the explosion, the case may fall under the criminal negligence category.

Your attorney will also investigate the insurance policy offered by the company to employees like you. Oil workers must have adequate insurance cover in case the unexpected happens. If you do not have insurance or the oil company has not been paying the required insurance premium, your employer is likely to get into serious trouble with the law.

Oil rig explosions have an adverse effect on the immediate vicinity of the explosion and this can lead to litigation. If it does not carry out a prompt and effective cleanup of the disaster area, environmental groups may sue the firm for pollution and environmental degradation. In addition, the community where the explosion happened may go to court and claim damages.

Oil and gas companies usually observe the highest safety standards. However, oil rig explosions may occur accidentally. When this happens, lawyers must get justice for the employees of the firm and people in the immediate vicinity of the explosion.

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