Common Types Of Personal Injury Cases

Following are some common types of personal injury cases filed by people.

Shoulder Injuries
People suffer injuries of tendons, ligaments and muscles of shoulders. The injury can occur due to trauma or repeated use. A person forced to repeat same task again and again can strain the muscles and joints of soldiers. The shoulder injury also occurs due to fall or accident.

Knee Injuries
Healthy knees ensure mobility. A knee injury makes it difficult to move and work. The common symptoms of a knee injury include pain, stiffness, numbness and swelling. A severe injury can result in fracture or dislocation.

Burn Injuries
These injuries are caused by fire, electricity or other reasons. Hot objects and some types of chemicals can burn skin and other body parts. It should be noted that the injuries caused by extreme cold temperature are also covered under this category. In some industries, workers can suffer radiation burn which cannot be diagnosed properly without extensive diagnosis.

While a person may suffer burn due to electrocution, it can also result in less severe damages. It can lead to organ failure or immobility in the limb. There can be damage to the nerves, muscles or ligaments.

Spinal Injuries
An injury to the spinal cord affects many parts of the body. It can paralyze a person resulting in permanent disability. When the spinal cord is damaged, the brain is unable to communicate properly with other body parts. The injury can be shoulders down or waist down. There may be complete loss of sensation and functions below the injured level. In other cases, the person retains some level of sensation and function but is not the former active self.

Common personal injury cases are categorized in several ways. Individuals suffering slip and fall can hold the property owner responsible for not providing a safe area. Patients often suffer complications due to mistakes by medical professionals. Such cases are covered under medical malpractices. Fleet owners and business owners are responsible for injuries of passengers and other workers when their careless driver causes an accident. Some dog owners are not very careful with their dog. They do not follow proper dog restraint rules, leading to cases of dog bites. All injuries are not caused only by accident. A perpetrator may have planned to injure a person intentionally or with criminal intent. It includes assault and battery cases.

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